Choosing a Provider for Pneumatic Pipe Pressure Testing

Ensuring the integrity of critical logistical infrastructure, such as a high-pressure pipeline for the transportation of various types of liquid or gas, is an important task. Not only do industrial businesses face legal requirements to undertake periodic pressure testing for safety purposes, but you may wish to gather important information on system health and performance to make better plans for the future. At Pipe Tek, we've provided prestigious multinational clients working in Australia with access to fast, safe, and thorough testing capabilities available across many industries. One of the core services we offer is pneumatic pressure testing, a methodology that is not as frequently used but which yields reliable results in challenging work environments.

A typical test is "hydrostatic" — in other words, we use a liquid such as water or petroleum to fill the pipe to the appropriate test pressure to investigate the health of the system. In some cases, however, hydrostatic tests may not be the best option, or may not be feasible altogether. In systems that do not feature a design that can accept liquid or where the possibility of any leftover liquid is not desirable, we cannot use a hydrostatic test. Instead, we would opt to conduct a pneumatic pipe pressure test; that is, we test pipeline integrity using a volume of pressurised gas that will leave no trace, such as nitrogen.

The importance of safety in pneumatic pipe testing

Pipe Tek makes this type of testing available because we recognise the need that exists in many systems for an effective, rigorous certification process that does not have unwanted side effects. While pneumatic pipe testing is more hazardous than hydrostatic testing due to the differences in energy involves, with an experienced team and the right precautions a pneumatic test is the best way to test low pressures and small volume pipeline sections.

Safety is our priority on any job site, and it is why we have maintained a spotless record for years. Through our efforts to stay on the cutting edge of technology in this industry and our dedication to developing and refining the best test procedures possible, we've provided stand-out service to many major clients across Australia. We "think smart before we start," formulating a thorough plan of attack to execute tests without issue.

Partner with our team today for robust service

Our abilities do not start and stop with pipe testing; we offer a range of other services to enable you to accomplish more through a single point of contact with one business. We continue to develop and refine our intelligent pigging services for integrity testing, and we are a leader in this space regarding data analysis and availability. To discuss arranging a visit to your site by our team, contact us with your requirements.