Don’t Hire Multiple Pipeline Inspection Companies for Your Oil and Gas Pipeline; Get All the Necessary Inspection Services Under One Roof

Whether you are testing a brand-new pipeline for structural integrity or conducting a routine inspection for potentially dangerous anomalies, you will likely need to engage a third party for pipeline inspection services. Many pipeline operators work with multiple pipeline inspection companies for different services. They hire one company for a post-construction hydrostatic test. They hire another pigging service, such as cleaning and gauging. They hire someone else to handle pipeline mapping and corrosion detection.

There are a few reasons not to use this kind of strategy. Hiring different oil and gas pipeline inspection companies for every test or analysis is confusing at best, expensive at worst and woefully inefficient regardless of other circumstances.

The Benefit of Getting All Pipeline Inspection Services from the Same Company

At Pipe Tek, we are proud to offer a comprehensive array of pipeline inspection and pipeline maintenance services under one roof.

Perhaps you are looking for a hydrostatic pressure testing company, to test your pipeline for leaks once initial construction has completed. This step is one you must take before you place your pipe into commission, which means every pipeline operator needs to find an oil and gas pipeline inspection company that can handle hydrostatic testing.

With Pipe Tek, that initial hydrostatic is just the first step in an ongoing relationship. We like to establish long-term connections with our clients, so they know that they can call us for any future services. Even when we do hydrostatic testing, it is typically accompanied by several other services. For instance, we do pipeline filling, where we use pigging tools to get water into your pipeline without leaving residual air in the pipeline. We also do drying and dewatering after the hydrostatic inspection is complete, to prepare your pipeline for its intended use. This bundle of services is symbolic of our overall versatility as a business.

The list of services we can provide goes on and on. We can use cleaning pigs to remove mill scale and rust in your pipeline and ensure fast efficient flow rates. We can use intelligent pigs to map the interior of your pipeline and spot dents, corrosion and other anomalies that need to be brought to your attention. We can provide ongoing strength, leak and pressure tests for your pipeline, to make sure it is retaining its structural integrity and overall reliability. By drawing upon the finest technology in the pipeline industry—as well as more than 60 years of business experience—we can serve you more effectively and thoroughly than any group of pipeline inspection companies ever could.

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Perhaps you are putting a new pipeline into service and need to conduct the requisite hydrostatic pressure test. Maybe your pipeline is a decade old and you’ve decided to bring all your pipeline inspection services under a single umbrella. Regardless of the stage of your pipeline, Pipe Tek can help. Get started by contacting us today.